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We are building products/services that align with the ethos of decentralization

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Oyaaa is a decentralized social media platform based on blockchain, committed to becoming a community oriented whereby blockchain investors, traders, crypto enthusiasts can freely communicate and collaborate with each others, the vision of oyaaa is to allow blockchain investors, crypto communities, project owners align and work together in true spirit of blockchain, sharing same interests with their social network of friends to change the world.

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Realize your dream for share crypto

It is expected to bring a positive change to the social media world, OYAAA hopes to be a free social network that combines blockchain projects, exchanges, media outlets, business leaders, admirers, and encryption enthusiasts to exploring the future of blockchain.


Unvid is a decentralized video streaming platform, Unvid breaks the barriers between centralized monetization to decentralized methods of monetizing your contents with annoying ads, linking the decentralized system to the centralization system.


Hiringblocks is a platform for freelancers and anyone who loves working on blockchain related issues like writing a technical article, finding bugs in a smart contract, developing integrations, etc. The platform itself is focused open source projects that need help with certain tasks or just want to outsource work to true experts.

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It is a fully decentralized platform that includes a A browser-based decentralized cryptocurrency wallet,decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, and decentralized cryptocurrency IEO launch platform .


Josy was created to help content creators, projects, influencers and others to get more attention from new members, make it easier to spread information and help to get new followers. JOSY also has uses for its members, which makes it easy for members to get ORX tokens, by working on tasks in JOSY.

We will build more products soon

Please stay tuned with us to know more info about the latest MVP by ORYX Project