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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide complete satisfaction for crypto enthusiasts to non crypto users in the real world by building useful platforms and integrating them to various e-commerce stores in which some of this platforms are given below, e-commerce, gaming platform, internet services and different crypto platforms.

Community Growth

For the growth of our Community we have built a special platform for the decentralized world, its Oyaaa,
Oyaaa hopes to be a free social network that combines blockchain projects, exchanges, media outlets, business leaders, admirers, and encryption enthusiasts to exploring the future of blockchain.

Crypto Platforms

Provide complete satisfaction for Crypto enthusiasts to Non Crypto users in the real world.

E-Commerce System

Its main, ORYX it's focus on everything that needs to be done with e-commerce.

Exchange System

Remove the liability and security hurdles associated with traditional central platforms.

Payment System

Global payment system with credit card supported in each country with offline official office.

Blockchain Games

With the secure and transparent decentralized ledger technology that powers Cryptocurrency.

Multi Products

increasing value by building multiple products under one project.


The Oryx project is dedicated to building valuable dApps that solves real world and cryptocurrency issues. We are building unique decentralized apps that offers services from social media networking to payment portals.
These applications we are building, are all in one project of what the Oryx project envisioned, Our primary goal is to build useful e-commerce applications to help improve the use case of blockchain and also to aid in blockchain adoption.

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Buy Back

We will buy back ORX tokens that have been circulating from some of the business results that we have done, with the aim that the ORX tokens are always in a stable price.


Q4 2018

The idea of Oryx project was created, Oryx created and launched.

Q1 2019

Community Building, Airdrops, Recruitment And Team Building,Token Presale and IEO, Bounty program.

Q3 2019

Launching of OYAAA, Affiliate and more partnership, Open Our e-commerce Store.

Q4 2019

SEO, Advanced Marketing and website development, Oryx Internet service, Official e-commerce store launches.

Q1 2020

Listing on Exchanges, Expand the Team, Oryx mainnet, Oryx wallet, Launch of Oryx Cash, Open Our Exchange platform.

Q2 2020

Oryx Gaming platform Beta, Updates to Project Targets, Oryx Gaming official lunch, Recap of Oryx ecosystem.

Q3 2020

Oryx Payment (IOS/Android version) PC client, Opening of our centers in some countries.

Q4 2020

Update Roadmap 2020-2021 , More Growth and Marketing.

Token Details

100,000,000 ORYX



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Hiringblocks is a platforms, were both people looking for work and employers post their offers with more focus on blockchain.

Unvid is a Decentralized video streaming platform to upload any video from your device and share it online.

Oyaaa is a Decentralized Social Platform, committed to becoming a community oriented whereby blockchain investors.

Orxcash is a fully decentralized platform that includes a decentralized browser-based cryptocurrency wallet.